“PLUS” by Tom Lang


As a trained printmaker I suffer the plague that every idea must be realized as a print. However, in recent work techniques and medium are pushed together and formal concerns five way to questions about the nature and utility of images and how they function personally and socially. The charm of new technologies has provided an entry to explore immediate conversations and questions that ofen connect me with my envy of poet’s calm ability to harvest meaning. Hopefully the work is more “art about art” but ultimately it seems beyond that my work like that of many other artists is based on misunderstanding as much as insight. For the exhibition are drawings. However they have been processed and manipulated to have an archival relationships with their origin. Included are what now appear as tapestries, small prints, and letterpress pieces.


Tom Lang is an Artist and Professor of Art, at Webster University who lives and works in St. louis Missouri. He earned both a M.A. in Aesthetic Education and an M.F.A in Printmaking and Drawing at Ohio State University. Later He studied with printmaking S.W. Hayter and Krishna Reddy at “Atelier 17” in Paris. After a workshop with artist Garner Tulis he began his own self-directed apprenticeship to study the history and techniques of hand-papermaking. He has conducted numerous workshops lectures and demonstrations in the U.S. and abroad and his work has been exhibited throughout U.S. and in Europe.




March 14, h. 6.30 pm


March 14 - April 15, 2018
mon-fri 10:00 am – 7:00 pm - free entrance



Santa Reparata International School of Art
Via Santa Reparata 19r, 50129 Firenze