“A4-564” by Marta Dell’Angelo

Curated by Pietro Gaglianò


Created by Marta Dell’Angelo, curated by Pietro Gaglianò, the latest exhibition at Santa Reparata International School of Art’s Gallery of Contemporary Art features a triptych of pieces “of the body and of the absence” SRISA student Steve P. attended the show’s opening and shares his review below:
Where are the bodies? This was one question asked by many viewers of this week’s Gallery Opening. Upon entering the gallery holding the first piece, you are greeted by a wall of overlapping papers in varying sizes, shapes, and shades of black, white and gray. These elements form together to create a solid wall of shoulders, arms and hands, disconnected from their bodies, supported by fingers and palms. The only exception to the monotone color scheme is a splash of red in the upper left corner.
Out of focus, and with no pure clarity of edges or tone, Dell’Angelo’s piece still made its way to the forefront of your mind. When you stood back and let your eyes wander over the scene, images of bodies began to take shape. The somewhat chaotic scene of flapping papers soon started to become organized and reveal more than that first glance allowed. Some viewers thought the wall had too random a nature in texture and flow; while others found it addictive and captivating.
There will always be varying points of view on any piece of art, but one thing is sure: Marta’s work is inspiring, questioning and confronting. She calls to us as individuals and to the world to look more closely at things and to make sure there are no smokescreens, and the lines of vision are distinct and revealing. Do not think you are going to come to the show and see pretty pictures that you can take home and hang on your wall. You may want to do this but you will also be challenged to think and question. Marta is an active artist, not afraid of working her audience. And I say, “You go girl!”

Pietro Gaglianò

Marta Dell’Angelo presenta per la sua prima personale a Firenze un progetto site specific, incentrato sui temi che ne caratterizzano la ricerca: il corpo come elemento significante e le deviazioni semantiche cui viene sottoposto, in un’indagine condotta attraverso linguaggi e tecniche che si sovrappongono, sperimentando formati inediti. Sulle pareti della galleria prende forma una composizione monumentale, dove il disegno si sottrae alla compattezza della bidimensionalità e oscilla nello spazio, variando la continuità della rappresentazione e ridefinendo i rapporti percettivi tra opera e osservatore. L’iconografia del corpo, esplorata e deformata con un ritmo che richiama tensioni manieriste, dispiega la potenza interrogativa dell’arte in uno spazio dove la dimensione fisica e sensoriale coincide, senza velature, con quella politica. (PG)


Marta Dell’Angelo’ (1970), research focuses on the human body, and particularly on women, through a variety of languages ranging from painting to video installation, drawing and performance. She is interested in neuroscience and anthropology and has publishing Manual of the Human Figure (2007) ed. The Ori and with Ludovica Lumer she published C’è da Perderci la testa ed. Laterza; She is a graduate of the Academy of Brera, and in 2002 won the Premio New York. In 2004 she took part in a special project at the Biennial of Moscow, and in 2009 the Biennial of Tirana. In 2013 she exhibited at the Biennale of Thessalonikij. Her work has been exhibited in several galleries in Italy and abroad, and in museums and institutions such as: Pac Milan, Art for the World, Santa Teresa Mediatheque Milan, Palazzo delle Stelline Milan, Italian Cultural Institute Madrid, Royal Palace Milan ,and Triennale Bovisa as well as the Milan Triennale, GC.AC. Monfalcone, MAGA Gallarate, Museion Bolzano, Rebaudengo Turin, the Museo del Novecento Milan, the Venice Foundation G.Cini, Nosadelladue Bologna, Foundation Remotti Camogli, Mambo Bologna, Trento Muse, and the Museum of Villa Croce Genoa.




February 19. h. 6.30 pm


February 19 - March 14, 2015
mon-fri 10:00 am – 9:00 pm - free entrance



SRISA Gallery of Contemporary Art
Via San Gallo 53/R, 50129, Florence Italy