About the SRISA Gallery

The SRISA Gallery is a non-profit, non-commercial exhibition space located on the main studio art campus of the Santa Reparata International School of Art on Via San Gallo 53r. Each year SRISA gallery co-directors, Rebecca Olsen, Andrew Smaldone & Pietro Gagliano’, selects between 6-8 gallery exhibitions that run from one to two months each during the months of September through May.

Working both independently and in conjunction with local and internationally known curators, the SRISA Gallery staff selects artists approximately 2-8 months in advance. Most shows are personal exhibitions of national and internationally known artists from around the world.

Student Exhibitions: At the termination of each term SRISA students under the tutelage of the SRISA faculty are given the opportunity to show the work they have completed during their time. At this time students are able to show work in the SRISA Gallery.

Our Team

Rebecca Olsen

Andrew Smaldone

Pietro Gaglianò